Some comments in email from my clients:

March 1, 2011 from Sapporo Japan

I am an American who has been living in Japan for several years,was not aware that I was required to file in the U.S. as well as Japan,when I found out about this I was very worried, at first I contacted (2) tax preparers in the Tokyo area, That was a big mistake,they tried to make everything as difficult and confusing as possible,also their fee was very high, then I contacted David and he cut through all the red tape and walked me through the ordeal with no problem,and even got me a refund,I definitely recommend him. Thank you David.

March 2, 2011 from Iwate Japan

Thanks again, David. You are amazing at explaining everything. You have turned a guy who was terrified of what he needed to do into a confident man who feels in control of his destiny. I really appreciate that.

February 9, 2010 from Honolulu

Mr. Lewis,
Thank you! I have received your package. I will be sending out payment as soon as possible.
Thank you for your help! I am very impressed.
Thank you,

March 16, 2010 from Shinjuku Tokyo

Fantastic and thank you for working on my taxes so quickly. 
 ….. I was not informed by my companies of the need to file in the US and once I learned  the info then I was avoiding it for fear of penalties and taxes if owed and then had to find the most suitable preparer/right price for my budget.. ..
But, NOW I can breathe easier knowing I am up to date regardless if I owe penalties or not. SO, MANY THANKS for your hard work to clear up my tax BS and sorry for the headaches. I am glad it is resolved and look forward to signing/sending them in. I will follow up with anything further once received. I am curious to see if I owe/refund or what.
Note .(David Lewis’s reply, “Breath easy. There are refunds”)

From Kyoto 03/28/2010

David, you are amazing. Thank you so much for the prompt and clear-as-day response. Very, very helpful.
From Osaka 03/29/2010
Dear David
Thanks for your help every year with my taxes.  I feel so good filing and not finding myself on some black list in the future.  You do a great job!

From Kyoto 03/30/09

….. Anyway, please know how much I appreciate you taking care of all this stuff for me. I know it's an annoying hassle, especially so because it's their (IRS sic) mistake……
Thank you for all your help. I'd be in debtor's prison without you.

From Tokyo 03/31/09

(David’s note: This client received a lump-sum Taishokukin retirement payment.  I thought he would be shocked at my fee)

Thanks for your help every year I am not at all shocked, no. In fact, I would rather pay you than the US government because I can directly see and benefit from the valuable advice and service you provide..  

Some older comments:

01/28/05 From Yokkaichi

Mr. Lewis,
Wow... thank you very much. Is that really it? In any case, I'll let you know when I receive the returns.

02/09/05 From Aichi-ken

Just wanted to say thank you very much for your "speedy" and professional service.
Everything looks in order and I am pleased you were able to help me in such a short period of time. Your fee will be deposited in your account today.

Looks like you are my "main man" when it comes to tax preparation. I'll be sure to let my
colleagues know about your excellent service. I must say this is quite a load off!
Thank you again. I will certainly contact you whenever the need arises.
Have a great day.
Best Regards,

11/05/04 From Kobe

Dear David,
Thank you very, very much. That confirms my gut instinct.

11/10/04 From Kobe

Thanks for keeping me posted. Please keep me on your active client list. I appreciate your consideration and I would very much like to continue receiving your helpful professional services.

11/11/04 From Kawasaki

Great - thank you for the update.

1/13/05 From Shiga-ken

Thanks for the copies of the tax returns, you saved me from having to open about 15 sealed boxes and looking for them.

01/24/05 From Kobe

Thank you for your reply. We would like to meet with you to discuss your services and provide you with more information.

01/25/05 From Utah, USA

Thanks for your help. Again, we could make this part of our first consultation.

01/25/05 From Ashiya

Hi David,
The IRS documents arrived yesterday, and I just sent them
off. Thanks for your speedy response.

01/24/05 From Oregon, USA

Hi, David. Hope you are well.
We are now living in Oregon. Things are going pretty well for us.
Will you be able to do my taxes this year?

01/27/05 From Shiga-ken

I received a good refund with the your help and the child tax credit last year. I was thinking about filing ammended returns for past years

01/28/05 From Osaka

Hi Dave,
Thanks for the news, and I'll be getting back to you, ah, when, you know, ah, I get my stuff together. Hahahahahaha!

01/28/05 From Delaware USA

Hi David,
Thanks for your reply.
It would be so nice if you could do my taxes again
this year.

01/28/05 from Tokyo

Thanks for your clear reply.